Тренинг «Put a Tick if you Do it or Backbone of Work with Young Learners»

When working with young learners, there are certain must-have things that no teacher can do without. In this workshop we’ll be looking at the lesson structure, ‘cooling and settling’ activities, consistency of the lesson, discipline – all things that allow you to keep balance in the whirlpool of work with children.

All participants will get a check list with over 20 effective classroom activities that can keep your students engaged and focused.

Certificate of Attendance issued

Trainer: Galina Kaptiug, international teacher trainer, Cambridge Celta and Delta certified, regular speaker at ELT conferences

After this workshop you’ll feel absolutely different when entering a class with young leaners.

How you learn

Through a series of interactive lessons, group members will be exposed to a diverse range of literary works, academic texts, and real-life scenarios that will enable them to develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Обучение для преподавателей подростковых групп
Languages 80 courses

The course includes sections on vocabulary extension, developing writing skills used in exam preparation, as well as sections on how to crack complicated reading and listening tasks. 

Participants will also be encouraged to engage in lively discussions and debates. They will receive personalized feedback from experienced instructors who will guide them through the learning process. Students will also have access to a range of online resources, including multimedia materials and interactive quizzes, which will allow them to practice their skills and monitor their progress.

Languages 80 courses

Тренинг «Put a Tick if you Do it or Backbone of Work with Young Learners»

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50 бел.р

Start: September 4, 2023
Timetable: Md Wd 10.00-11.30

Duration: 32 lessons
Price: 260 BYN per 8 lessons (4 payments in total)
Number of people in the group: 8

You’ll be enroll on a pre-course interview to find out if you are eligible.

Стоимость указана за 1 период (4 недели).

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