Bottom-Up Approach Weekend. Online

Most educators were taught to apply top-down approach in teaching. We all know about generating student’s interest, activating schemata, pre-teaching and so on. But what if we look at the lesson structure from a different angle? What if the target skill goes first? How to make sure that your students got the hang of what you wanted to teach today?

The Bottom-Up Approach Weekend is a teacher training event, a 2-day masterclass, where teachers will be looking at each language skill separately. We’ll be disassembling each skill to come up with the best teaching techniques. By the end of the training session teachers will have boosted their methodological portfolio of working with skills so that no lesson repeats itself in its structure, hence creating diversity and bringing in novelty to your educational process.
The teacher training weekend consists of 4 blocks.

Saturday 11.00-16.00 with a coffee break

  1. Bottom-up Approach to Listening
  2. Bottom- up Approach to Writing

Sunday 11.00-16.00 with a coffee break

  1. Bottom-up Approach to Reading
  2. Bottom-up Approach to Speaking

Certificate of Attendance issued

Trainer: Galina Kaptiug, international teacher trainer, Cambridge Celta and Delta certified, regular speaker at ELT conferences

The workshops consist of theoretical and practical parts, where you’ll be tailoring and practicing your own parts of the lesson with the immediate feedback from the teacher trainer and colleagues.

Стоимость Bottom-Up Approach Weekend. Online

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