JOB TITLE:                                   English Teacher

DEPARTMENT:                              English Teaching Department

REPORTING TO:                            Director of Studies



The main objectives of an English teacher in the ELT Dpt. are to teach English classes to a variety of levels and age groups and class size — in such a way as to ensure students learning, satisfaction, motivation and attendance in line with the school’s academic demands, methodology and syllabus.


  • To ensure students learn by preparing classes which are well staged and challenging with clear objectives in terms of skills and language; ensuring a variety of interaction within the class.
  • To meet the students’ needs by designing / altering the content of the class accordingly and creating good rapport / group dynamics with the students
  • To follow the school’s syllabus and guidelines ensuring that material is covered in line with the school syllabus / study plan
  • To generate in due time the necessary paperwork in accordance with the administrative needs of the school


  • Students Learn
  • Ensuring that classes are well-staged with clear learning objectives
  • Providing for a variety of interaction patterns within the class
  • Ensuring that no students dominate the class — nominating students as necessary
  • Ensuring that students are involved in the learning process
  • Helping students with meaning, form and pronunciation of new grammar / vocabulary
  • Making sure students have opportunities to practice new grammar / vocabulary
  • Providing opportunities to improve students’ spoken fluency / confidence
  • Monitoring students / being aware of their progress / work in the class
  • Ensuring that instructions are clear and concise
  • Ensuring there is a balance between focus and activity types in class
  • Correcting students spoken and written errors appropriately and sensitively to ensure motivation and learning
  • Reacting to students questions, problems in class
  • Maintaining correct pace / rhythm to the class
  • Starting and finishing the class on time — changing or altering the class plan as necessary
  • Ensuring that the aims of the lesson are achieved


  • Students needs
  • Selecting and adapting material to fit students’ needs, their strengths, weaknesses and interests
  • Building on and being aware of students background and previous learning experience
  • Creating a good rapport with the students and facilitating good group dynamics


  • School Syllabus
  • Covering the school syllabus
  • Notifying DoS / ADoS if you get behind
  • Paperwork
  • Maintaining register of attendance up to date
  • Maintaining class record sheet / homework record up to date and clear
  • Completing exam record sheets, handing them in on time
  • Writing reports correctly, handing them in on time


BASIC SKILLS / COMPETENCIES needed for the job                

  • Student centred: attentive to the student’s needs, acting on them in a way that ensures their satisfaction with the class.
  • Empathy: able to understand others. Accurately reads people’s moods or non-verbal cues. Understands the reasons for another’s behaviour. Listens attentively.
  • Communication skills: uses an engaging style in own presentations. Uses non-verbal cues like tone of voice to express feelings that reinforce messages in presentations. Uses examples or visual aids to clarify or underscore message when presenting.



  • Flexibility: willingness to accept and adapt to challenges / changes in the timetable needs of the school — such as substitutions
  • Enthusiastic: shows genuine, energetic interest in teaching and an eagerness to help students
  • Feedback oriented: receptive to feedback. Likes to actively search feedback in order to improve.
  • Teamwork: positive attitude to work with team members. Willingness to collaborate, help others, and share ideas and material with others.


QUALIFICATIONS and TRAINING needed for the job.    

  • Education: University degree
  • Knowledge: С1 / С2 level of English
  • Experience: 3 years teaching experience with Kids/Teens/Adults

teaching exam classes FCE / CAE / CPE

teaching specialised groups — 1 to 1, ESP, Conversation  classes


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