Advanced Intermediate Test

Advanced - Intermediate

Выберите подходящий вариант ответа. Возможен только один правильный вариант.
1. Rick should know about the meeting because I ________________ (tell) him about it yesterday.
2. You _____________ (always not need) to have a degree to become a journalist.
3. The crime rate in New York __________________ (go down) in the past ten years.
4. Tom _________________ (be) able to swim since he was 1 year old.
5. My brother _________________ (do) a degree at university so I don’t see him very often, unfortunately.
6. It _____________ (not snow) here a lot last winter.
7. Have you heard? They ________________ (fill) over 8 bags of rubbish from the beach already.
8. I _____________ (go) to the cinema every now and then, but only if there is something good on.
9. Our professor is an expert on Greek philosophy. At the moment she ________________ (write) a book on the life of Socrates.
10. He let me down the other day, so now I ___________________ (not believe) him any more.
11. You certainly look _________ you did yesterday.
12. She has three sons, all _____ became doctors.
13. You ______ check that these facts are really true.
14. I want ______ immediately.
15. He’s used to _____________ in public.
16. It’s ages __________________ him.
17. He’d done it before, __________________ ?
18. I ____________________ photographs.
19. I would like ___________ for causing so much trouble.
20. It was _____________ that he couldn’t finish it alone.
21. _______________ she had put on sun cream, she got burnt.
22. She’ll soon get ______ her disappointment and be quite cheerful again next morning.
23. PTO stands ______________ “Please, turn over”.
24. You ____________ that film last week – it was only released yesterday.
25. If I ran the bank, I ___________ you an overdraft.
26. I work at Pealson Inc. I ______________ there since 1992.
27. Last month my manager asked _________ one morning.
28. I could do that _________________ time
29. She was new so I wondered what ____________ .
30. When I went to see her, she said, “I’d like ____________ me with a special project. I’ve heard that you speak Italian.”
31. She said that a factory in Italy wanted a specialist for ten months. “Tell me _____________ go.”
32. I __________________ a few days to think about it.
33. “All right”, she said, “ and if you want all the details, my assistant _____________ them to you.”
34. So I asked her assistant ________________ give me the papers.
35. “I don’t know where they are”, she said. “When I ________________ them, I’ll call you. Oh! Here they are.
36. Let me have them back after you ____________ them.
37. When I told my friends about it they all said, “It ____________ ”.
38. “I _______________ yet,” I replied.
39. The next day I __________ the manager I wanted to go.
40. She said, “I hoped ________________ .”
41. Maria was just walking along the road when someone on a motorbike __________________her handbag.
42. Jane’s letter was unexpected. It arrived completely out of the___________________.
43. Nobody has any firm information, so we can only _______________________on what caused the accident.
44. We can’t turn left here. It’s a __________________ street.
45. The couple were finally _______________________ by the landlord after not paying rent for six months.
46. Don’t worry, I’m not hurt. It’s a __________________scratch, nothing serious.
47. In a few hundred years’ time, oil will not be nearly so __________________ here on Earth.
48. When I realized that I’d left my homework at home, I quickly _____________________ back to get it.
49. You look out of ________. Why don’t you see a doctor?
50. Most teenagers go through a rebellious ______________ for a few years but they soon grow out of it.

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